Concha bullosa resection is a minimally-invasive procedure designed to reduce concha bullosa, which are enlarged conchae that can cause aesthetic and functional problems. During concha bullosa resection, the conchae are reduced in size to improve breathing, hearing, and overall appearance.

Concha Bullosa Symptoms

Concha bullosa can cause a variety of symptoms, including difficulty hearing and breathing, snoring, sleep apnea, and facial asymmetry. Patients may also experience discomfort in the conchal area due to pressure from the enlarged conchae. In extreme cases, concha bullosa can obstruct the eustachian tube connecting the middle ear to the back of the throat. If left untreated, concha bullosa can lead to more serious health problems such as chronic sinusitis or infections.

Benefits of Concha Bullosa Resection

The benefits of concha bullosa resection include improved hearing, reduced snoring and sleep apnea symptoms, improved air flow through the nose and sinuses, better facial symmetry, and improved overall appearance. It is a safe procedure with minimal risks and a short recovery time. The results are long-lasting, providing our patients with relief from concha bullosa for years to come.

Concha Bullosa Resection Procedure

The concha bullosa resection procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia or intravenous sedation. An incision is made in the conchal area to access the conchae and reduce their size. Special instruments may be used to trim, reshape, or remove tissue as necessary for a more aesthetically pleasing result. The whole procedure takes less than an hour and carries minimal risks of complications such as infection or nerve injury.


Patients who undergo concha bullosa resection can expect a short recovery period, with most returning to normal activities within a few days after surgery. Congestion and pressure are common side effects that dissipate over a few days to weeks after the procedure; however, these are typically mild and not cause for concern. Patients may experience some discomfort in the cheek area as they heal; however, this can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

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Concha bullosa resection is a safe and effective way to reduce concha size for improved function and appearance. It helps relieve concha bullosa symptoms, improves air flow through the nose and sinuses, and restores facial symmetry for a more aesthetically pleasing look. The procedure carries minimal risks of complications, has a short recovery time, and provides long-lasting results. Talk to your NJ ENT doctor about concha bullosa resection to see if it’s right for you.

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