A facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure done to improve the appearance of the face. It involves tightening facial and neck skin, repositioning fat deposits, and in some cases, removing excess fat or tissue. The goal of facelift surgery is to create a more youthful look by smoothing out wrinkles, lines, and sagging jowls. Facelifts can also be used to restore volume to the mid-face area that has been lost due to aging or other factors.

Facelift Surgery

During facelift surgery, the skin and underlying tissues of the face and neck are tightened, repositioned, and excess fat or tissue may be removed. The cheek is then re-suspended. The surgical incisions are done in a way to help hide the evidence of surgery. A facelift procedure is performed under general anesthesia along with local anesthesia also used to help postoperatively.

Facelift Recovery

Recovery from facelift surgery can take anywhere from two to four weeks. A pressure dressing is applied in the operating room that is removed the following day. Then a more breathable dressing is applied that should be worn for about one week. The sutures are removed between days 5-7. Most patients do not complain of pain during the recovery period. Regular visits are scheduled to check on the surgical site, and to help avoid any potential complications. During this time, patients may experience some swelling and bruising around the treatment area. It is important to follow all post-operative instructions carefully in order to ensure a safe and comfortable recovery process. A short course of steroids may be prescribed to help to bring the swelling down more quickly. Antibiotics and pain medication are also prescribed. Most patients will require a down time of 10-14 days.

Facelift Results

After facelift recovery is complete, you should notice an improvement in your facial appearance that will last for many years with proper skin care and sun protection. You can expect to have great results by 30 days, although at 90 days, the results from the facelift are fully achieved. The NJ ENT doctors pride themselves on not producing stretched, pulled back appearances that you often see in Hollywood stars. In fact, the secret to a good facelift is not appearing as if you had any thing done. A facelift procedure often makes a patient look 7-10 years younger along with looking simply more refreshed.

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