Are you looking for a way to look younger and more refreshed without having to go through the expense and recovery time of a traditional facelift? Neck lifts may be the answer you are looking for. A neck lift is a surgical procedure designed to restore youthful contours in your lower face and neck, resulting in an overall more youthful appearance. At NJENT, we specialize in providing patients with natural-looking results that can help them turn back the clock on their appearance.

Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that helps to improve the appearance of neck wrinkles, neck drooping, neck bands and turkey neck. During the procedure, excess skin and fat are removed from the neck area, while lax muscles may be repositioned or tightened as necessary. This is all done through a tiny 1.5 cm incision under the chin, hidden within the chin skin crease. Incisions are also hidden around the ear to provide access to re-suspend the soft tissue of the lower face and neck. The incisions are closed with perfect technique to help hide the evidence of surgery. A neck lift can result in an improved contour along the jaw line, creating a more youthful neckline that can take years off your appearance.

Benefits of Neck Lifts

The primary benefit of neck lifts is that they provide patients with beautiful, natural-looking results without having to go through a full facelift procedure. Moreover, neck lifts can help create a better jawline definition by tightening both the underlying muscle structure and neck skin. Additionally, neck lifts can help improve neck wrinkles and neck bands—keeping you looking young for longer.

Neck Lift Recovery

After neck lift surgery, patients will typically experience some swelling, bruising and discomfort in the neck area. These symptoms should subside within a few days of the procedure. A pressure dressing is applied in the operating room that is removed the following day. Then a more breathable pressure dressing is applied that should be worn for about one week. The sutures are removed between days 5-7. It is important that you follow all instructions from your plastic surgeon regarding aftercare so that you can ensure optimal healing and results.

Neck Lift Results

At NJENT, we understand how important your appearance is to you. That’s why our team of experienced plastic surgeons are committed to providing you with safe and effective neck lift procedures that can help you look and feel your best. You can expect to have great results from your neck lift by 30 days, although at 90 days, the results are fully achieved.

Alternatives to Neck Lifts

If neck lift surgery isn’t for you there are a host of injectables and fillers, as well as skin resurfacing procedures that can help achieve your goals. Please ask us about your non-surgical options.

How We Can Help

The New Jersey Ear, Nose, and Throat Center team has performed thousands of procedures and has the experience to provide you with exceptional care. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome. Our doctors are experts in their field specializing in both ENT and plastic surgery and the associated procedures and surgeries. Contact us today to learn more about how neck lifts can transform your appearance!

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