Rhinoplasty is a nose reshaping surgery, commonly referred to as a “nose job”. The rhinoplasty surgery can help correct certain anatomic issues, or alter the shape of your nose for aesthetic purposes. Whether you are seeking rhinoplasty for medical or cosmetic reasons, it is important that you have realistic expectations for what rhinoplasty surgery will and will not do for you. NJ ENT can provide you with an honest assessment of your particular situation and what you can expect from this type of surgery.

Reasons for Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

There are many different reasons why you may be considering rhinoplasty surgery. Your reasons may be cosmetic or functional. The most common reasons we see patients for nose surgery include;

  • Change the size of your nose
  • Change the shape of your nasal tip
  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Make a more symmetrical appearance to your nose and face
  • Remove humps, depressions, bumps, or dorsal fin from the bridge of the nose
  • Fix crooked or flattened noses from an accident
  • Fix a flattened nose from a septal perforation
  • Fix poor breathing through nose by correcting a deviated septum
  • Change wide or flaring nostrils

Rhinoplasty Procedure

The rhinoplasty surgery involves reshaping the structure of the nose through incisions made in the nostrils or across the columella (the tissue between the nostrils). Depending on your particular situation, rhinoplasty may involve reshaping cartilage and bone or using grafts of tissue to change the appearance of the nose. Before undergoing any rhinoplasty surgery, it is essential to discuss all possible risks and benefits with your physician. Every patient’s situation is different, so it is important for you to understand what you can expect from rhinoplasty surgery before making an informed decision about whether this type of surgery is right for

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia, which is administered by a board certified Anesthesiologist. Most of the incisions are hidden inside the nose. Often there is the need for an external, small hidden incision in the skin between the nostrils. For those who need their nostrils narrowed significantly, there might be small inconspicuous incisions that are hidden in the crease between the nostrils and the face. After surgery is complete, an external splint is used to protect the surgical results. Both the splint and sutures (if external) are removed 5-7 days following rhinoplasty surgery. There is some swelling and bruising following surgery, but these are minimal.

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

Revision rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is used to correct problems related to rhinoplasty surgery. Revision rhinoplasty may be necessary if the original rhinoplasty results are unsatisfactory or if there has been a change in the shape of your nose due to trauma or aging. A revision rhinoplasty can help improve your appearance and restore function to your nose.

Recovery From Nose Surgery

Recovering from rhinoplasty is an important part of the entire plastic surgery procedure. It’s normal to experience swelling, bruising and discomfort for up to two weeks after surgery. In most cases, rhinoplasty patients can return to work within one week following their rhinoplasty procedure; however, it is important to follow your surgeon’s specific post-operative instructions carefully in order to ensure a smooth and successful recovery.

NJ ENT will schedule follow-up appointments for the day after surgery, followed by weekly visits for the first few weeks. Then visits are regularly scheduled at 3-month intervals for one year to check on the healing process.

Why Choose NJ ENT for Rhinoplasty

When it comes to rhinoplasty, there are no “one size fits all” solutions. Every patient has different goals and expectations, so it is important to find a rhinoplasty surgeon who is familiar with the subtleties of rhinoplasty and understands how to customize the procedure to meet individual needs.

The New Jersey Ear, Nose, and Throat Center team has performed thousands of procedures and has the experience to provide you with exceptional care. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome. Our doctors are experts in their fields and because they are experts in both the function of the nose as well as the appearance, they factor both structure and function into every surgical decision in nasal surgery.

Trust us to care for your facial plastic surgery needs – NJ ENT provides the best ENT care and Facial Plastic Surgery for patients of all ages.


The experience is one in a million. From walking in the front door you are immediately greeted by a friendly receptionist. Dr. Undavia along with being a top surgeon in the state is very personable and down to earth. I had fractured my nose in a car accident with air bag impact and I immediately was in excruciating pain. My nose was misshapen and I had trouble breathing. I called for a consultation and they scheduled me for surgery after a quick look to the damage I had done. Within a week post op of surgery, I could already feel and see the difference. The airflow was already better, and I began to look like my old self. Dr Undavia will have you looking good and feeling good in no time!

Thomas T

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