Sinus surgery is a common procedure used to treat sinus-related issues, such as sinusitis and other chronic conditions. Sinuses are hollow cavities in your face that allow air to pass through them and are connected to your nasal passages. Sinus surgery can help reduce symptoms associated with sinus problems, such as congestion and facial pain. It can also improve drainage of the sinuses and prevent reoccurring infections.

When is Sinus Surgery Needed?

If you suffer from sinus infections, we can help. There are many different remedies or treatments that can be tried for chronic sinusitis. If medical management fails and sinus infection symptoms persist for longer than 12 weeks, various in-office procedures or surgeries can be considered for chronic sinus infections.

NJ ENT will likely suggest sinus surgery if you have chronic sinusitis or a sinus infection that has not responded to antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications, or if you have any blockages in your sinuses such as polyps. Sinus surgery can also help reduce the risk of future sinus infections by improving the drainage of your sinuses and allowing unrestricted airflow.

Sinus Surgery Procedure

Sinus surgery may be done using traditional surgical techniques or endoscopically, which involves inserting a thin tube with a camera into the nose to view the anatomy of the sinuses. At NJ ENT we have highly skilled endoscopic sinus surgeons who can perform minimally invasive sinus surgery without any visible cuts or scars.

Sinus surgery is a low-risk procedure with a high success rate. It is designed to help patients with their chronic sinusitis symptoms including congestion, facial pressure, loss of smell, and nasal drip. The goal of the procedure is to open up your nasal passages by removing any blockages or obstructions that may be limiting airflow.

Sinus surgery is a safe and effective way to treat sinus issues with most patients experiencing noticeable improvement in their symptoms. So if you’re suffering from sinus-related problems, don’t suffer in silence—consider consulting NJ ENT about the possibility of sinus surgery. It could make all the difference!

Sinus Surgery Recovery

Following sinus surgery, there is typically a period of recovery where patients may experience some mild discomfort, swelling, and discoloration around the affected area. Patients will typically need to rest for several days after their procedure and should avoid strenuous activity or exercise during this time.

How We Can Help With Your Sinuses

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