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Types of Nasal Sprays: Choosing the Right One for Your Needs

March 27, 2023|

Understanding the Differences Between Saline, Steroid, Antihistamine, and Decongestant Nasal Sprays What you’ll learn: Why nasal sprays are an effective treatment for certain nasal conditions Who can benefit from using nasal sprays, including [...]

How Do You Know if You Have LPR or Silent Reflux?

March 20, 2023|

Uncovering the Symptoms and Causes of LPR, a Stealthy Form of Acid Reflux What you’ll learn:Why LPR can be difficult to detect, and how it differs from traditional acid refluxWhen to be concerned [...]

Tinnitus: Why Your Ears Might Be Ringing

March 7, 2023|

Understanding and Treating Tinnitus, the Ringing in Your Ears What you’ll learn: Why tinnitus occurs and its relationship to other ENT health conditions What strategies you can use to manage tinnitus symptoms and [...]

Itchy Ears

December 14, 2022|

Why Your Ears May Be Itching What you’ll learn: Why your ears may be itching and how to tell How to treat itchy ears depending on what's causing it When to see [...]

What to Expect Before and During Surgery?

October 21, 2022|

How to Properly Prepare for ENT Surgery What you’ll learn: Why smoking, vaping, or drinking can affect anesthesia and recovery When to disclose any medications and supplements to your surgeon What to expect [...]

What Is Turbinate Hypertrophy?

September 30, 2022|

How to Treat Enlarged Turbinates in Your Nose If you have trouble breathing, chronic stuffy nose, or problems sleeping, you may be dealing with turbinate hypertrophy. This enlargement of the turbinates in [...]