Why Can’t I Breathe After Septoplasty?

May 22, 2024|

Understanding Nasal Obstruction After Septoplasty In this episode, Dr. Smith, Dr. Reddy, and Dr. Undavia discuss the common issue of patients who still experience difficulty breathing through their nose after a previous [...]

Are There Any Alternatives To Sinus Surgery?

May 8, 2024|

Exploring Alternatives to Sinus Surgery with NJENT Join NJENT's Dr. Undavia, Dr. Reddy, and Dr. Smith in a candid discussion on alternatives to sinus surgery. From medical management to minimally invasive procedures, [...]

Balloon Eustachian Tube Dilation Overview

April 26, 2024|

All About the Innovative Treatment Options for Ear Infections Looking for chronic ear infection relief? Join us on We Nose Noses as Dr. Reddy, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Undavia guide you through [...]

What it Means to be Board Certified

April 12, 2024|

Understanding Board Certification in Otolaryngology When you are looking for an ENT professional, expertise can make all the difference. Join Dr. Undavia, Dr. Reddy, and Dr. Smith as they discuss what it [...]

The ENT Guide to Breaking Free of a Chronic Cough

January 24, 2024|

Exploring the Complexities and Solutions for Persistent Coughing Issues Can't seem to stop coughing? In this episode, the NJENT team explores the causes of chronic coughing, including ear, nose, and throat factors, [...]

What Is FESS am I a Candidate For FESS Surgery?

September 19, 2023|

Understanding Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) and Identifying Candidates In this episode of We Nose Noses, Dr. Smith, along with Dr. Reddy and Dr. Undavia, cover Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) and discusses the [...]

How to Prepare for Your First Visit to NJ ENT

July 27, 2023|

Essential Tips and Must-Have Items for Your ENT Appointment In this episode of We Nose Noses, Dr. Undavia and Dr. Reddy discuss essential preparations and information patients should know before their first [...]

How to Manage Ear Pain and Discomfort During Flights

May 23, 2023|

A Discussion with NJENT Doctors on Equalizing Ear Pressure What you’ll learn: Causes of eustachian tube dysfunction and related symptoms such as pressure and muffled hearing, particularly during flights. Medications that can be used [...]

Types of Nasal Sprays: Choosing the Right One for Your Needs

March 27, 2023|

Understanding the Differences Between Saline, Steroid, Antihistamine, and Decongestant Nasal Sprays What you’ll learn: Why nasal sprays are an effective treatment for certain nasal conditions Who can benefit from using nasal sprays, including those [...]

How Do You Know if You Have LPR or Silent Reflux?

March 20, 2023|

Uncovering the Symptoms and Causes of LPR, a Stealthy Form of Acid Reflux What you’ll learn: Why LPR can be difficult to detect, and how it differs from traditional acid reflux When to [...]

Tinnitus: Why Your Ears Might Be Ringing

March 7, 2023|

Understanding and Treating Tinnitus, the Ringing in Your Ears What you’ll learn: Why tinnitus occurs and its relationship to other ENT health conditions What strategies you can use to manage tinnitus symptoms and improve [...]

Itchy Ears

December 14, 2022|

Why Your Ears May Be Itching What you’ll learn: Why your ears may be itching and how to tell How to treat itchy ears depending on what's causing it When to see an [...]

What to Expect Before and During Surgery?

October 21, 2022|

How to Properly Prepare for ENT Surgery What you’ll learn: Why smoking, vaping, or drinking can affect anesthesia and recovery When to disclose any medications and supplements to your surgeon What to expect [...]

What Is Turbinate Hypertrophy?

September 30, 2022|

How to Treat Enlarged Turbinates in Your Nose If you have trouble breathing, chronic stuffy nose, or problems sleeping, you may be dealing with turbinate hypertrophy. This enlargement of the turbinates in your [...]

Tonsils Q&A

September 20, 2022|

All Your Tonsil Related Questions Answered! Tonsils are part of the lymphatic system, acting as a filter for bacteria entering through the mouth. However, it is becoming more and more common to get [...]

Should I Get Ear Tubes?

September 7, 2022|

How to Determine Whether or Not You Need Ear Tubes If you or a loved one is struggling with chronic ear infections or sinus problems, you may be wondering if tympanostomy [...]

Why Can’t I Breathe Through My Nose?

August 23, 2022|

How to Determine What’s Causing Your Breathing Problems There are many factors that may be causing you difficulties breathing through your nose. Whether it is structural, physiological, or a combination of both, seeing [...]