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When it comes to your urgent ENT needs, you want a team of providers that you can trust. With NJ ENT, you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible care. We are committed to providing only the highest quality of ENT treatment to our patients. Visit our office in Marlton, New Jersey.

Ear, Nose, and Throat Conditions Treated by Urgent ENT Care

NJ ENT is your trusted partner for comprehensive care when it comes to Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) conditions. With a team of highly skilled specialists, NJ ENT offers a wide range of services to address various ENT concerns, from common issues like ear infections, sinus infections, and tinnitus to more complex conditions like sleep apnea.

  • Sinusitis– Severe sinusitis symptoms such as high fever, intense facial pain, or swelling that could indicate a bacterial infection may require urgent evaluation and treatment.
  • Nose Bleeds- Profuse or recurrent nosebleeds that do not stop with home remedies may require urgent medical attention to determine the underlying cause and prevent excessive blood loss.
  • Facial Trauma: Injuries to the face, head, or neck, including fractures of the nasal bones or facial bones, may require urgent evaluation and treatment by an ENT specialist to ensure proper healing and prevent long-term complications.

  • Foreign Body Removal- If an object becomes lodged in the ear canal, nose, or throat, it may require urgent removal by an ENT specialist to prevent injury or obstruction of the airway.

  • Sudden Hearing Loss: Sudden onset of hearing loss or a sensation of fullness in the ear may indicate an underlying issue such as a ruptured eardrum or inner ear disorder, which requires immediate evaluation by an ENT specialist.
  • Ear Infections- Acute ear infections, particularly in children, can cause severe pain and fever. Prompt evaluation by an ENT specialist is necessary to assess the severity of the infection and prescribe appropriate treatment.

It’s important to seek medical attention promptly if you experience any of these urgent ENT issues to receive appropriate treatment and prevent further complications. If you’re unsure whether your symptoms require urgent care, it’s best to contact us at NJ ENT or seek medical advice promptly.

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Reviews From Our Patients

5 stars

I am a new patient to the practice and to Dr Gregory Smith. I was very impressed with his skill set and knowledge. He talked with me rather than at me. Was very clear and concise as to what my issue was and the treatment plan going forward. My appointment was not rushed at all. My wife is also a patient of the practice and she feels the same. We both endorse and highly recommend the practice.

Mike F
5 stars

Dr. Smith put tubes in my 1 year old daughter’s ears and the entire process could not have been better anywhere else! Dr. Smith and his staff were extremely friendly and made my wife and I feel comfortable every step of the process while also providing world class care to our young daughter. I would recommend Dr. Smith and his practice to anyone out there looking for an ENT that provides personal, excellent care.

James P
5 stars

Highly recommend Dr Undavia for your rhinoplasty! He has been a great doctor, very personable and works hard to get you the result you are looking for. He worked patiently with me for 2 years after my surgery to get my very stubborn swelling down. He is also a good ENT—I know other people who saw him for sinus issues and they also vetted him as a fantastic doctor. Clearly he is well-respected for what he does.

Rose P.